Who is Angela

Who is Angela?

​The namesake of the deli and bakery is the owner’s mother, Angela. Daughter of a Sicilian immigrant and a Sicilian-American, Angela loved gathering the family for a meal, where there was always more than enough food. Over the years, she watched her mother and aunts as they made family recipes of fresh pasta, pasta sauce, meatballs, ravioli, cookies and cannoli and then continued preparing the same recipes for the next generation.

Angela’s legacy continues with her children, including her son and owner, Mark, who attended culinary school. His vision was to open his own place where he could serve his family recipes with his own twists. When Angela passed away in 2018 after a battle with cancer, the dream to open Angela’s Italian Deli & Bakery began to take shape.

Angela would have loved to see this place, probably would have helped with the preparation or behind the counter. We know she is here in spirit and are excited to share her love of food, family, and tradition with you!